Giving Back

Here at Long Branch Animal Hospital, we are committed to giving back to our community and animals worldwide. Please view our initiatives below. 

Helping Pet Fund

Over 150 animals have been helped by this fund so far!


In 2011, Dr. Scott Linick established the Helping Pet Fund, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.  It’s mission is to be a funding source for pet owners and veterinarians seeking financial aid for veterinary care of sick and injured animals. To be eligible for funding, a case must fit into one of two categories; Financial Hardship or Good Samaritan.


Disclaimer: The fund grants awards for needed medical care (non-elective or emergency procedures) for sick or injured companion animals. Routine physical examinations, vaccinations, etc. will not be funded. General prophylactic dental care will not be funded. Spays and neuters will not be funded unless it can be demonstrated that the procedure is essential to the continued health of the animal.


To make a tax deductible donation or for more details on eligibility requirements and funding limits, please call the office at 732-571-4100.


Erase Rabies

We’ve partnered with Merck Animal Health and Nobivac to save animal and human lives.